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Top 10 Small Towns in the United States

The top ten list for best small towns to live in is out from Money Magazine. Actually they have the top one hundred listed but as you know I like to focus on the top tens.

What is even cooler about the list is that the town we live in is on the list. Peachtree City, Georgia came in at eighth place. The take a number of criteria to come up with the locations including income, weather, auto insurance premiums, education, quality of life, and job growth to name a few.

Top 10 Small Towns in the United States

1       Louisville, CO          18,800
2       Chanhassen, MN          23,700
3       Papillion, NE           22,200
4       Middleton, WI           16,900
5       Milton, MA              25,400
6       Warren, NJ              16,100
7       Keller, TX              38,100
8       Peachtree City, GA      34,500
9       Lake St. Louis, MO      13,900
10      Mukilteo, WA            20,500

 via Money Magazine


  1. Top 10 town to live in the US..wow they must wonderful choice since Money Magazine has been the one which gave the recommendation. Yet, would be homeowners and homesellers should not forget Home Staging Service once the time comes.

  2. Papillion is a wonderful little city just on the outskirts of Omaha where I live. It still retains its small town flavor while being adjacent to a big city. It's nice to see a Nebraska city make this list!

  3. Boystown is a suburb of Omaha

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