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Top 15 Cities Where You Will Make Money In Real Estate In 2 Years

Going back to the PMI study we cited a couple of days about toxic real estate markets, we found that there are some regions in the country that they almost guarantee you will make money in the next 2 years. 15 of them as a matter of fact.

So in these days of doom and gloom we figured we  would make some cities feel better that appreciation is on it’s way.

Top 15 Cities Where You Will Make Money In Real Estate In 2 Years

  • St. Louis, MO-IL  
  • Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis; WI
  • Charlotte-Gastonia-Concord; NC-SC
  • Cincinnati-Middletown; OH-KY-IN
  • Denver-Aurora; CO
  • Columbus; OH
  • Austin-Round Rock; TX
  • Kansas City; MO-KS
  • Indianapolis-Carmel; IN
  • Memphis, TN-MS-AR
  • San Antonio; TX 
  • Pittsburgh; PA
  • Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown; TX
  • Dallas-Plano-Irving; TX 
  • Fort Worth-Arlington; TX 


  1. Gerald,

    I am a commercial Realtor here in the Dallas area. While there has definitely been a bit of a slump in the residential side of the house, I would say that the commercial side has picked up exponentially in the last few months.

    There are several different types of opportunities out there for the savvy investor.

    For example, I have a Mergers & Acquisitions attorney that works out of New York with several different lending institutions and private equity funds. They work only with my clients that have $50 million or more of verifiable funds to invest.

    I have several clients that have different wants/needs for their respective real estate portfolios. They provide me with their LOI stating the types of property and areas that they are looking to invest and the M & A attorney produces a "tape" of the portfolios available and the client is then able to purchase what they want or pass until the next round of foreclosures take place!

    Typically, my clients are paying between 40-60 cents on the dollar for the properties that the acquire.

    For my other clients that are smaller, I generally have to work with several different private equity funds and lenders to try to put together investment properties to fulfill their investment needs (whether it's a strip center, a mall, or a multifamily property).

    If you are on the market, give me a call! I would be more than happy to see if there is anything nationally that I can be of assistance with!

    Very truly yours,

    Heidi Arndt
    Keller Williams Commercial Realty

  2. As an investor in Dallas I can say that for the most part we are not struggling. Sales prices have definitely dropped but there has also been an increase in buying more so in the “suburbs” of the area. We have favorable zoning regulations along with ample land not to mention a booming job market. I still encourage anyone interested in investing to continue to explore the market and their options. Read up on as much as you can so as to dive in with a good head on your shoulders ( you might want to look into purchasing “The Pizza Delivery Millionaire” by Rick Vazquez which explores investing in an entertaining way and was written for people of all backgrounds.) The major difference I see now is that we all have to work a little harder..but you know how the saying goes..what doesn’t kill me..makes me stronger.

  3. I invest in Pittsburgh. The prices are ridiculous!!!

  4. I just bought in Pittsburgh this year, and got a great deal, lots of house for the money. The city has jobs and is creating more. I also met with another investor that bought, she's putting in 100K cash worth of renovations. I'm excited and can't wait to buy the next one.

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