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Trulia Pro – The Low Cost Highly Targeted Marketing Tool For Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate agent and want to sell homes, Trulia Pro is a tool that you should give a long hard look at.

Trulia has been the fastest growing real estate website because they understand how to drive traffic to their site via the search engines. Go ahead and search for a home in your community. Odds are that Trulia has one of the top links for that house.

Now how can Trulia Pro help you?

Well Trulia Pro allows targeted advertising to specific location markets. Your advertisements will show on the locations, cities, towns, or hamlets that you choose.

First movers will be able to capitalize on the marketing of the millions of folks coming into Trulia and the hundreds or thousands to listings in your community.

Here is an example of what Trulia Pro offers.

 Unlimited Local Spotlight Ads— Advertisers are able to get prime visibility in their local markets, marketing their personal brands, businesses or listings. Up to 20 locations can be selected in which to highlight their Local Spotlight Ads—directing buyers and sellers back to their websites, blogs or Trulia Voices profiles.
Unlimited Featured Listings—This service ensures real estate agents that participating agents’ listings will be seen at the top of relevant searches (driving as much as 4-7 times more views to their featured properties).

Here is an example of Trulia Pro in action:


So how much does it cost. Well the headline says it all. It is dirt cheap. You can sign up for $39 a month, no contract required, or $328 a year. And here is the special part of the deal, you get 3 months free when you sign up for a years contract.

Now I do a great deal of internet marketing. I bet you do a bunch of internet and real world marketing. This is a deal.

Most companies that come out with an introductory offer like this are startups and do not have much to offer. But Trulia has millions of unique visitors and drive a ton of specific traffic. 

And this is not me pushing a product, this is me amazed at the deal. When I talked to Rudy Bachraty, social media guru at Trulia, about this I told him it was too cheap. He said that they want to make Trulia Pro a win win for the real estate agents and mortgage brokers. Trulia has succeeded in this regard.

So here is why it is a win win for you as an agent:

Start with targeted viewers who are searching for a specific house or town.  Add to that they are  coming for real estate, one of the more expensive advertising terms out there.

Then recognize that many are in a buying frame of mind. For a product that still offers tremendous commissions and earning potentail per transaction.

You are getting your name in front of a targeted home buyer or seller for 39 dollars a month.

And first movers are going to win big with this one! Until Trulia Pro gets up to speed those that sign up first will dominate the impressions in up to 20 markets. Think about that, you are not waiting for Trulia to grow with you, they already have the targeted traffic.

All you have to do is sign up, write your copy, and get it out there. You will be in front of your competition.

Do I sound excited? Well I am!

I do internet marketing every day and I am not kidding when I say this is a no brainer.

So what are you waiting for, click here to go visit Trulia Pro now.

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  1. Hi Tom!

    Thanks for the superb review of Trulia Pro. You are spot on. Early adopters will reap some awesome benefits in terms of targeted impressions for their geography. Thus far, I am getting pinged left and right about how cool this is. We're very excited. On top of everything you mentioned, real estate agents get unlimited featured listings that will get them 4-7 times the amount of views. So it's a real double hitter…..


    Social Media Guru at Trulia

  2. When I saw your blog this morning I signed up… According to Google Analytics, Trulia has been one of the best referrers to my website, this should make it stronger…

  3. Thanks for the article. I will for sure take a look at this.

  4. Guys, think twice about Trulia. There is no denying that Trulia is everywhere. And yes, Trulia is great if you have no website or your website is way down in the Google rankings. This is how will get exposure. It's fantastic for lazy real estate agents.

    On the other hand, if you have a great website, that you have build up, and are near the tiop of Google, Trulia is a BAD idea. Why? because if you and Trulia are trying to promote the same listing, who so you think will come up on top. When you sign up for Trulia they tell you how they will promote all your listings and your website. Guess what? they do everything possible to keep people from your website. ALL links to your site and listing on your site are blocked on purpose so that Trulia is higher in the Search Engine Rankings.

    I do understand the exposure of Trulia but for hard working agents who know what it takes to build their own personal website, Trulia is the wrong choice.

  5. Thanks for the article, as I'm looking to expand my marketing through other sources of media. $300 is expendable and definitely within budget, but I know there are other smaller real estate startups that offer comparables for free (yuplet, oddle, etc). With the way how today's internet services run, free is the standard.

  6. Its worth a test and seeings if there is a good ROI with the PRO package. All markets are different and should be treated as such.

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