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Trump Closes Sale on 95 (100) Million Dollar Home in Palm Beach

Maison-lamiteDonald Trump is a promoter. The Palm Beach Daily News reports that the Palm Beach home, Maison L’Amite on North Country Road, has sold for 95 million dollars. The deed office is recording the same amount. But what is Trump’s publicist saying?

The home sold for 100 million dollars.

Now they are looking a little silly, but that is the Donald’s way. Of course, he could have followed the advice I gave them a while back and all would be good.

My advice to the Donald would have had my real estate agent talk to Schwarzman before the offer was made and tell him to make it 101 million. Then Donald could offer to buy Schwarzman’s old cigar case for 11 million dollars. The difference in capital gains Trump would pay would be quickly washed away in the millions of dollars of free publicity of selling the most expensive home in America.

And here is an excerpt from the Palm Beach Daily News:

Donald Trump closed the deal Tuesday on his record sale of 515 N. County Road, the former Abe Gosman estate, to Russian fertilizer mogul Dmitry Rybolovlev. The sale of the six-acre estate was announced in May. Palm Beach attorney Paul Rampell represented Trump in the transaction.

Though Trump calls it a $100 million deal, the deed lists the sale price as $95 million. Trump, in a call from his office in New York, said the higher figure includes closing costs. The document stamp for the deed is $665,000.

The slightly shaved price still sets the record for a Palm Beach property and possibly the United States. It demolishes the recent record, $81.5 million, paid in April for 1236 S. Ocean Blvd.

Trump said he was not sure whether reports indicating Rybolovlev purchased the property as an investment, rather than a personal home, are true. via the Palm Beach Daily News


  1. That amazes me. In Steamboat Springs, we're listing 9 million dollar properties. A longs ways from 100 million. Ought to have Trump buy property out here. No matter what he does, he always manages to get a good chunk of publicity for it.


  2. Donald,

    We met the night you married Marla, (or shortly there after), who can remember exactly @ Trumo Atlantic City. I was w/ Bill CXosby and Tony Orlando…I need a break from the day to day cr*p. Can I caretake the FL. house for a while?

  3. We met the night you ran around my neighbors house in Austin with Marla's underwear on your head…if you respond to anyones bs begging would you get back with me on my domestic products?

  4. That is really expensive, but I would love to live in something like that.

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