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Using Video and YouTube to Sell Real Estate

As more people are using high speed bandwidth, the smart real estate agents are using tools such as YouTube to put listings on the internet. This McKinney, Texas real estate agent put together a 40 second teaser video that gives potential buyers a view of this golf course home.

I think we are going to be seeing more of this going forward.


  1. GooTube is a free Real Estate Video listing where Agents can embed their YouTube videos inside google map. Check it out at http://www.gootube.net

  2. Hi,

    YOUTUBE for Real Estate???

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  3. This article pretty much confirms that….

  4. I agree with YouTubes value to real estate! It’s amzing how deep the reach of YouTube goes, I covered a similar topic here:

  5. fotohom is a simple and easy free real estate site

    that allows seller to embed youtube video.

  6. I think YouTube is a great tool for realtors as well as other professional service business people.
    Check out anothter YouTube and Real Estate article.

  7. Real estate on YouTube featured on National Public Radio (NPR).


  8. Smart agents not only use YouTube but the use of Google Adwords to drive traffic to a page featuring homes for sale can be a very cost effective way to expose homes in a given area outside of the MLS

  9. BUT, YouTube terms of use state NON-commercial use. Hello!

  10. Clarification:

    How can you show a home/real estate when the Terms of Use clearly state that YouTube is for personal noncommercial use ONLY. Am I missing something here??

  11. I am SO glad that I came upon this post! This is excellent! I never thought of this, and I bet there are so few people who are really taking advantage of it! I want to do something like this in my town, if you are the first to offer this kind of service, then you can stand to make a pretty penny!

    Just think…$5-10 per listing! This one may qualify as a hustle!

  12. There are sites out there, such as http://www.AzoocaCapture.com that provide the same service that is (a) open for commercial usage and (b) does not publish the content themselves. You just cut and paste the link into their Real Estate site.

  13. Thanks for the tip Phil. Azoocacapture.com is a great tool.

  14. WOW, If RealEstate agents are using this then they are waisting there time. Please check out SellRealEstateWithVideo dot com and listen to hundreds of agents about this new product


  15. We have a great website for Videos of real estate properties for sale by agents, for sale by owners, and builders. Check it out at http://www.weuuzit.com

  16. I am actually thinking of using something like this next year, and I hadn't considered YouTube's non-commercial policy. However, I am planning to do most of the work myself, and nobody (i.e., the U.S. Government, as it were) considers the selling of one's primary home as commercial activity. If they did, I would be charged taxes on the sale as long as it made a profit. Also, I am perfectly willing to let someone report my supposed commercial use of YouTube. Considering the video above is still hosted on YouTube with no problem, I am guessing, well, nobody cares.

  17. I've been using full-motion, narrated videos since 2004 to sell my listings. I've sold over 100 properties using video. Check out my sites.

    Video site: akhomz.com

    How-to blog: full-motionvideos.net

    It's not rocket science. Any Realtor with a little effort can do a professional-looking video tour and get results.

  18. Please correct my previous post to read:

    I’ve been using full-motion, narrated videos since 2004 to sell my listings. I’ve sold over 100 properties using video. Check out my sites.

    Video site: akhomz.com

    How-to video blog: full-motionvideotours.net

    It’s not rocket science. Any Realtor with a little effort can do a professional-looking video tour and get results.


    An estimated 90% of people would rather watch a video, than read. So how about giving people what they are longing for?

  20. According to the YouTube Terms of Use (retrieved 7/2/2008), uploading an original video to promote your business is acceptable commercial use. See excerpt:

    E. Prohibited commercial uses do not include:

    * uploading an original video to YouTube, or maintaining an original channel on YouTube, to promote your business or artistic enterprise;

    Read it in full at: http://www.youtube.com/t/terms

  21. TubeMyHouse.com is a brand new video property listing website. It's free, just like YouTube.

    Sell a home, buy a home, and coming soon… rent a home. All with user-uploaded video.

  22. Video or not Video? That is no longer the question

    Video has grown explosively.

    Over 900 Million Internet users are online and more than 25% of all searches involve Real Estate

    Interesting fact is that also over 90% home buyers found their agents online and 0% (YES 0%) through flyers, brochures and other media.

    Over 80% of all searches begin online, 66% of video viewers have watched online video ads, and 44% have taken an action on what they have seen.

    76% users tell a friend about a video they have seen

    Emarketer inc. survey shows 123 million Americans will view online video at least once a month in 2007. They also predict that 190 million Internet users will be regularly watching online video in the US in 2012.

    No matter what, people will always watch videos. Don't you think? Here is the info and website link to SF Bay Area's company that makes this all possible for real estate agents.

    ViaMediaTours.com offers video tours for business and real estate professionals in SF Bay Area

    Via Media Tours was the only Bay Area's video production company that is providing full motion HD real estate video tours. We provide professional video services for real estate agents, brokers, home owners, contractors, builders and property managers in San Francisco, Bay Area. Our Business Video Services include California's Bay Area territories with focus on cities of Saratoga, Los Gatos, San Jose, San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Los Altos, Monte Sereno and other Cities on Peninsiula and South Bay.

    We provide professional video services, high quality audio and video editing with background music, narration and free submition to the top video sites such as Youtube, Google video, AOL, Yahoo, Realtor and many more. Our real estate video tours are the great way to get more exposure and separate your online home listing from the others!

    Put your videos to work for you 24/7/365 and start building a solid relationship with your clients.

    For more information visit our website and our YouTube channel:

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  23. Samuel Grondorf

    I am comming from the other side of the picture, no pun intended. I am trying to start a business for Real-estate agents to help them develop listing videos. I can work from stills and video. I have a demo online: http://www.youtube.com/user/flyingguak please check it out, and leave comments, you are the experts on selling real estate.

    As far as commercial purposes go, I think the rule is more about people charging admission to view, not to deliver valid information about people selling things or what a house looks like. Look at the point that there are many different companies taking advantage of Youtube such as Burger King.

  24. I Invite all users of therealestatebloggers.com

    This is a shameless plug, but It is on topic and relative to this thread. We have launched http://www.forsale.tv and although in beta we are open for business.

    1/ Sell your properties on video.

    2/ Brand your ads with your logo.

    3/ Add your website address so people can contact you direct.

    4/ Upload a video talking head for your video business card.

    5/ Embed from other sites.

    6/ Its FREE

    my name is Brett Moffitt and my team and I have been working on this site for almost 2 years. I am a real estate agent myself and I believe we have built something of substance and ease of use and I hope the real estate fraternity embrace it and post videos and promote their business on my site.

    With 1 click, you can record via webcam into your profile and introduce yourself and your company.. its all automated and is very easy to use.

    Since we are new we are offering Free featured listings to the first 20 people who join and a Free video business directory listing.

    Come by today and tale a look at what we have built.. please give feedback at [email protected]

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  25. I made a short video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhAjrYFVEFo in order to sell my business – a movie theater in Carrie Underwood's hometown (Checotah, OK). Please, watch my story and send it to your friends?

  26. Today's estate agents, letting agents, property surveyors and property solicitors need to learn the best techniques for capturing property sales leads, following up with prospects and converting them into customers.

    We think Youtube can help real estate agents to sell properties and more importantly gain new instructions.

    Its all down to costs and return. If every expense is spared and low production values adopted the result can be a disaster.

    The last thing that your agency needs is to look like some parody or comedy spoof agent.

    check this link to see a collection of videos that may help illustrate this point.


  27. Video is the in thing for marketing because people like to see a short video rather than reading tons and tons of plain text.

    Uploading a video to youtube and embedding it to your website not only brings traffic but enhances user experience.

    So Youtube is definitely an important weapon in your marketing arsenal along with seo, ppc, blogging, email marketing, social media marketing tools like facebook, twitter, etc. You need a complete marketing strategy to survive the times.

    You might find this Free Video on http://www.internet-marketing-for-realtors.com useful for planning your overall marketing strategies.

  28. I’ve been looking at downloading videos from YouTube, it seems that YouTube and many other social network sites have changed their code in order to prevent certain sites from allowing you to download video content from them; most annoying, is there a foolproof alternative? Anyway, excellent blog post, I found it very insightful.

  29. Video uses more than the eyeballs and audio on a full fledge 30 frames per second video is 40% of that video. You the broker taking the buyer thru a home, around a farm, a small business, and doing community videos is huge..tapping in to all five senses. Quick, easy, and when a buyer is killing two hours at an airport waiting for a flight, he has been thru seven of your listings, watch four of your local event videos. Just sitting there, absorbing. It is way way cool when you google say Maine farms for sale and voila, there is the video mini player screen of your listing on page one. Use the links in emails, in your listing sheets, on social media web 2.0 sites. Video is not a slide show of the same reheated, rehashed left over pictures you already showed them. Adding Kenny G and making them zoom in and out is like a carnival ride after eating a dough boy, a foot long sausage when you are not a kid any more. Not fun, the buyer will remember you alright..and stay away. Far far away. Have over 400 videos working their guts out 24/7 in all the time zones when I am sawing logs, getting shut eye. Don’t talk about using video, kick yourself in to gear. http://www.youtube.com/mooersrealty

  30. Listing Listing Syndication to Youtube has increased substantially in the last year.  We had a client tell us today that she just got back from an NAR conference and was told that YouTube was the next big opportunity for Realtors.  The key to youtube listing syndication is making it easy enough so you can keep your listings  updated as you have price changes, additional images etc.  If you are creating the videos by hand this can be a chore.  Even if you use one of the Virtual Tour companies to create the videos, you still have to load all the photos and information into their system and then maintain it.

    <a href="http://www.cevado.com” target=”_blank”>www.cevado.com had taken the work out of it.  Cevado can create a video from all your listings and then syndicate them to Youtube, AOL video, TRUVEO, Facebook, Twitter, Zillow, and all the other places you need to be syndicating.

    You also end up with your own YouTube channel.  http://www.youtube.com/user/coldwellbankerchelan

    This really is the new way to syndicate.  Not only do you get the usual lineup of syndication sites, but you add to that all the video syndication sites also.  Bottomline is that this extends your reach to all the multitudes of places buyers are looking for real estate.  Plus it helps secure your sellers.  Sellers want to know you are aggressive when marketing their property.

  31. In Brazil we are already presenting some of these techniques to Real Estate owners. We beleive, just like most people on this post, that video will be the next marketing ” it”, and Real Estate will observe this phenomena too.

    We have experimented some positive results, not only in finding prospective clients to real estate owners, but also in terms of interest in the technology itself.

    Video is definately the big next move on Real Estate and should become “mainstream” in the very near future.

    See some Rio de Janeiro Brazil Video Real Estate Listings:


    By the way, we are looking for partners outside Brazil too.

    Andre – Director Belavista-Rio.com

  32. I've been doing a lot of videos lately. All my featured tours are hosted by Youtube, it's the best way to go. Stuff like Circlepix takes way to long to load. Check my videos out for example. http://www.stevepoirierrealty.com/selling/

  33. I recently obtained my Texas Real Estate License and looking to hang my license with a flat rate broker. I want to know how do I get a list of potential homewners to cold call about listing their house with me?

    I need the any strategy you can provide to get me started.


  34. I would definitely prefer to watch a video than ready. Especially if the video showed clips of the house up for sale.

  35. Video, real full motion video blows air in to the lungs of a property listing, a community event, your brand.

  36. Video, real full motion video where the audio is 40 % of the show and tell is huge. Easy, quick, memorable to showcase properties, the areas and a little brand in the background.

  37. Look no further, http://www.RealtyTube.com service all the video marketing needs for video property listings.__Realty Tube is a free real estate sharing website specifically designed for the real estate market.____Check it out today____Realtytube.com____

  38. We've been publishing Real Estate virtual tours and tips on our YouTube channel for a while now. Check us out @ http://www.youtube.com/sunpacmortgage

    Subscribe to us if you like what you see, and we'll subscribe back!

  39. Great stuff here. The information and the detail were just perfect. I think that your perspective is deep, its just well thought out and really fantastic to see someone who knows how to put these thoughts down so well. Great job on this

  40. Great stuff here. The information and the detail were just perfect. I think that your perspective is deep, its just well thought out and really fantastic to see someone who knows how to put these thoughts down so well. Great job on this.

  41. After reading your post, I looked into embeded video for my blog. Just did my first post with embeded video, using Smart Youtube. Here's the post — http://www.stagingworks.ca/home-staging-is-it-rea…. I can't believe how easy Smart Youtube is.

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