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What Are The Most Dangerous Places to Live in America For Natural Disaster

Last week we covered the most dangerous places to live in the United States in terms of crime, today I figured to keep up the happy trend and cover the areas where you could most likely die in a natural disaster.

Yep, I can hear it now, great Christmas spirit Tom.

Yet I bet you are still reading. I did too when I came across this chart in Popular Science. The proverbial Map of Death they called it and it had some surprises.


Look at the coastal regions and what do you see. Lots of blues and whites signifying a higher degree of safety. But those are the hurricane regions you say, they should be much more dangerous, I see Jim Cantore standing on the beaches there every year.

Well, Jim Cantore is a smart guy. You never see him standing in front of a tornado, do you, but he will ride out a hurricane any day of the week.

Moving to the Atlanta region I am never more scared than when I hear the tornado sirens. If a hurricane is like a rottwieler, big and tough but if you are smart about it odds are you are safe, a tornado is like a doberman, erratic, excitable, and likely to bite you just for the sake of biting you.

Add in extreme heat and cold in some of the red regions and you have a much higher mortality.

So while hurricanes will get all the headlines on the weather channel, you have a much better chance of riding out the storms in Charleston than Kansas.






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