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What Does A Million Dollar Home Look Like Where You Live?

I was reading an article in Forbes recently and they were discussing what a million dollar home looked like in different parts of the country. They had some examples that were interesting. My question to you is, what is a million dollar home in your town? Put it in the comments with a link.

Here are some examples that will boggle your mind.

Greenwich Connecticut: a 1,400 square foot bungalow.


And then travel 109 miles up the road to Springfield, Massachusetts and you can buy a slightly larger home. Slightly larger means 11,000 square feet, or almost 8 times larger.


If you are looking in the South, Durham, North Carolina offers a college atmosphere and access to the triad region. This 7,253 square foot home sits on 2.3 acres and has 5 bedrooms.


To see more, visit Forbes.com, and don’t forget to leave a link with the million dollar homes in your region.


  1. This house is 1.25 million dollars.

    "8000+ sq ft custom 2 sotry nestled on hill overlooking 4 acre lake, cherry cabinets throughout, 2 level colonial, blue lime- stone construction, patios & porches."


    5 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, 2 half bathrooms. 17 acres.

  2. In my area, $930,000 will buy you a fully-decked out 4-bed, 5-bath golf-course mansion (MLS #10319931).

  3. Left out the square footage – just under 5,000 sq ft.

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