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Why No Word on Huge Bonuses At Freddie and Fannie

 Questions arise over the bonuses being paid to Freddie and Fannie Executives.


  1. Tracking a fast history on "Fannie" and "Freddie" culpability, it seems to me their mortgage troubles didn't begin until they started mirroring Wall Street in how they securitized mortgage paper and paid their top executives. Heads I win; tails you lose does not make for happy campers, but it sure works for Capitol Hill lobbyists.

  2. This is just one more thing that is wrong with our system in Washington.

  3. You are right Jim every system has some good and some bad points.

  4. Both of these entities should be closed down in my opinion and many of these executives should be serving jail sentences.

  5. I still can't fathom why so many in Washington and Wall Street can be rewarded for poor performance and stupidity!

  6. We're hearing a lot less about Fannie and Freddie compared to the major bailout recipients on Wall Street. Though everyone–from media pundits to the Occupy movement–talks about the troubling links between Wall Street and Big Government, Fannie Mac seems to get less attention. Surprising, considering they're as cozy with the government as you can get.

  7. That is disturbing news. I do not condemn capitalism, but the amounts of money that some of those people have been given is profane.

  8. boy Tom, you really are as partisan as I had been thinking you were. have you forgotten that the President has put Fannie and Freddie on the chopping block? Fannie and Freddie are looking at major reforms, unlike the reforms that Wall Street has gone through whereby NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!!!! In regards to private enterprise, Obama has been the multi-national corporations dream: he enacts legislation that they write and congress votes for, all while allowing the dumbest voters among us to be propagandized that he is the marxist, communist, muslim devil come to destroy your freedoms in the name of reparations. you are so damn gullible its amazing. do you read anything other than right wing dribble and do you watch any other news source than Fox??? you need to educate yourself man. keep those blinders on man….you're doing great.

  9. There was a good 60 Minutes piece about the fact the the Justice Department has yet to indict any of the lenders involved in misleading and illegal lending practices from before the Bubble. These guys need to be tried and face the music.

  10. the best news so far this year is ,Barney Frank retiring. He and Chris Dodd should be thrown in jail for the damage they have done to the real estate business. I hve been a lender for 25 yrs. what a mess. I blog at busadvise.blogspot.com, small business, with a lean to the right. great blog!!

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